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Creating Your Character

The wiki pages will assist you with creating your character. There are a couple of modifications to Pathfinder Rules that will come into play.

Number 1: Arcane magic has practically died out. Only the strongest arcane users have managed to keep their power. If you plan on using an arcane caster, consult me because many options are no longer possible. Divine magic is in the decline. Any class that requires your alignment to be similar to your deities must be a part of a religious order, as the gods are very inactive lately. Only the most powerful gods still lend their power to their followers, and even then divine intervention is unheard of.

Number 2: Necromancy spells, regardless of class or alignment, are unusable. No one in Jeroa has been able to cast necromancy spells since the fall of Carolus II. Necromancy spells, however, are not unlearnable. This also means that undead no longer exist. Do not use them in your backstory.

Number 3: This campaign is focused heavily on guns. The guns I’ve made for this campaign are overpowered for a reason. However, if you’d like to make a melee class, you’re welcome to. I do not promise that character will reach the end of the campaign, or the first encounter for that matter.

Jeroa and the Western Kingdom are fairly varied. If you have a character idea, discuss it with me. There’s a good chance I can make it work as long as it doesn’t directly oppose the logic of the campaign.

Stat System: The system we will use to calculate your starting stats are rolling 4d6, reroll 1s and 2s.

Banned Spells:

Aboleth’s Lung
Alchemical Tinkering
Planar Adaptation
planar refuge
Dimensional Lock
Astral Projection

Fabricate Bullets
Protection from Arrows
Aboleth’s Lung
Communal Protection from Arrows

Transmute Golem

Any spell that allows you to teleport more than 1 mile is banned.
Any spell that would allow you to destroy all the augments of a neohuman without a save are banned.
Any spell that would allow you to destroy all the weapons and armor of any enemy with no save are banned.
All spells related to planar travel do not function. They fizzle if you try to cast them.

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